dementia Care

A digital companion that enables personalised care, providing guidance and insights to ensure carers have support each step of the way.

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What is CogniHealth?

We are a healthcare technology company that provides innovative ways of approaching dementia care. Our solutions are designed to support people with dementia, their families and carers.

Guided care management solutions

Informed care decisions

Holistic and personalised approach


Enabling personalised and integrated care

CogniCare is an app for families looking after someone with dementia. It is designed to improve the caring experience by assisting with everyday tasks, providing valuable insights and addressing the carer’s wellbeing.

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Monitor & Track

Track changes in behaviour, physical dependencies and care challenges


Use the generated reports to monitor disease progression and make informed choices about care plans


Record, take a picture or just type - capture notes on observations, incidents and care activities


Browse articles and videos from trusted sources, ensuring you have the right information whenever and wherever you need it


Explore and book events in your local area, ranging from community activities to advice and support groups

Non-medical therapies

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Social Connect

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Awards and Recognitions

Supporting Organisations