What is CogniHealth?

A digital companion for people with dementia and caregivers that promises innovative ways of approaching dementia care

Better understanding of
the disease

Guided & easier
care management

Personalised care with
a holistic approach


Enabling caregivers to provide personalised, integrated, and empowering care

What is it?
CogniCare is an app that functions as an interactive tool for caregivers. It is designed to improve the caregiving experience by assisting with everyday tasks, and addressing the caregiver’s emotional and physical stress. CogniCare is suitable for family members, care agencies, and care homes.

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Monitor & Track

Deliver dementia care using a series of step-checks to ensure daily observations and symptoms are recorded. Subsequently, use the built-in report to make informed decisions throughout the course of treatment.


Learn, engage, and share personal experiences of living with dementia with other affected families. In addition, remotely address concerns and questions with professionals specialised in treating dementia.


Dementia treatment goes beyond a continued state of drug therapy. Modern research-based therapies and technology make it easy and safe to address behaviour and daily function changes through therapeutic care.

Online Assistive Product Shop

Access a wide variety of assisted living products selected to meet the ever-changing needs of dementia care. These include products that will help PwD carry out daily activities, ensure their safety & security and supplements & devices that meet their medical needs. You can also find books and films related to dementia.

Note Taking

Use our audio-note taking feature to record yourself or others effortlessly, and access these recordings at any time. For professional caregivers audio-note taking can enable easy handovers and accurate tracking of their client's status.


Access a large variety of resources relating to dementia care. These help you learn more about dementia, suitable exercises, nutrition, dementia research, care services near you and help you connect with local support organisations.


What people say?

This is the app that, until now, I have been searching for in vain. When four of my friends were diagnosed with dementia in one year, their carers set about finding help. This took up far more time than they had available as the information had to be sourced from so many places. Now they can turn to the CogniCare App to find answers to all their needs on one site. Brilliant.

Dr. Pat Williams - MBE

Best app, user friendly. Systematic way in managing dementic patients.

Dr. Anand Doshi

Over the last decade I have seen a drastic increase in patients with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson. CogniCare will help me understand my patients better and therefore suggest a more personalizsd care plan.

Dr. Shiva Kumar - Neurologist

With CogniCare, caregivers at Tapas can now monitor all the residents with more ease and keep track of their conditions in a detailed manner. The app also means I don't have to keep files of papers anymore and can be more transparent with the resident's families.

Prajakta Wadhavkar - Founder of Tapas


Understanding what it means to have dementia: An introduction

Understanding what it means to have dementia: An introduction

Everyone’s experience of dementia is different and we can by no means expect to fully understand how someone with dementia is feeling, what they are thinking or what they are experiencing. But what we can do is to try and ..

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Lost for words: Communication breakdown in dementia

What is communication? When we think of communication we may believe it is the same as language or speech. However, it is much more than that. Communication combines language, attitude, tone of voice, facial expressions and body language to pass ..

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Lost for words: Communication breakdown in dementia
Self-care rituals

Self-care rituals

  – the last bit of our wee self-care for carers series –  Cultures, communities and even some families have their own rituals. These tend to have a social bonding purpose and can be charged with a symbolic meaning – ..

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Be kind to yourself

Be kind to yourself

After finishing University I found myself in a position, where I had so many choices to make, but no idea of what I wanted to do. In high school I had always envisioned that it would be easy to fall ..

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What worked in the past?

What worked in the past?

Trusting your own wisdom when applying grounding practices When it comes to self-care, we know ourselves better than anyone else does. Relying on our own wisdom that stems from our prior experiences with grounding, coping and helpful distractions is empowering, ..

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