The Cinnamon Trust: a personal experience

Oct 24, 2017

The Cinnamon Trust: a personal experience

The Cinnamon Trust: a personal experience

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My friend mentioned the Cinnamon Trust to me for the first time about a year ago. She was really excited when she told me that she was now walking someone’s dog on a regular basis through this organisation. But the Cinnamon Trust is much more than just a dog-walking organisation. It is a charity that helps those who can no longer take care of their pets, stay with their beloved animals for as long as possible. It describes itself as “The National Charity for the elderly, the terminally ill, and their pets”, and its primary objective is to respect and preserve the relationship between owners and their pets.

When I finally researched the Cinnamon Trust, I realised that it is the kind of Charity, I would love to get involved with. So I signed up, and about two months later I got given my first match: a lady in her mid 80s, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, and who lives with her beloved dog Snowy. Snowy is a white, fluffy, very loving little dog that adores going on walks. When his owner realised she would no longer be able to take Snowy out as much as he needed, her daughter looked into options to try and help her stay with Snowy. And this is when she found the Cinnamon Trust, which could provide the solution to their problem. The Cinnamon Trust matches volunteers to those in need, and now Snowy, albeit still a little overweight, gets to go on walks every day. It really is a wonderful experience for everyone involved. I have come to love Snowy and his lovely owner, and both are incredibly grateful for all the support that they receive. But more importantly, Snowy gets to stay in his loving home.

This organisation is just one example of the charities that are out there, supporting people living with dementia (and others) with the everyday challenges that they face. Importantly, at no cost to the beneficiary. At CogniHealth we recognise how difficult it can be to identify these support organisations. Therefore, in CogniCare we plan to provide a list of resources to help you find the charity to support you with your everyday problems.

Would you like to get involved? The Cinnamon Trust works throughout the whole of the UK, and anyone can join. Have a look at their website:


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