5 Tips for Caregivers: Personal and intimate Care

Jan 15, 2018

5 Tips for Caregivers: Personal and intimate Care

5 Tips for Caregivers: Personal and intimate Care

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In our “5 Tips for caregivers” blog series, we are sharing a advice on various tasks related to taking care of someone with dementia. Although this advice is tailored to professional caregivers, it can be useful for anyone in a caregiving position.

At more advanced stages, people with dementia will start to struggle with daily tasks, including their personal and intimate care. Caregivers play an important role in helping people in those situations maintain a high quality of life through dignified care. Whether you are a professional caregiver or taking care of a relative, the below advice may provide a useful guideline.

1. Maintaining dignity

  • Cover the person you are caring for with a towel if appropriate
  • Treat how you would expect to be treated
  • Respect the rights, choices and personal beliefs

2. Washing effectively and efficiently

  • Encourage enablement
  • Involve with each care task
  • Clean from front to back
  • Lift breasts, tummies and folds in skin to access all areas
  • Dry all areas thoroughly

3. Wearing personal protective equipment (for professional caregivers)

  • Always wear gloves and aprons
  • Change personal protective equipment for each task
  • Wash hands before and after care

4. Observe

  • Look out for changes around testicles or breasts
  • Red or blue marks depending on skin tone indicating grade 1 pressure sore
  • Complete the blanche test – press gently and if it does not change colour this may determine a pressure sore
  • Check for bruising or marks on skin

5. Report any significant changes

  • To medical team any changes or issues in skin condition

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