5 Tips for Caregivers: Medication

Jan 29, 2018

5 Tips for Caregivers: Medication

5 Tips for Caregivers: Medication

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In our “5 Tips for caregivers” blog series, we are sharing a advice on various tasks related to taking care of someone with dementia. Although this advice is tailored to professional caregivers, it can be useful for anyone in a caregiving position.

People with dementia may struggle to remember to take their medication. As a caregiver it is your responsibility to ensure that all medication is taken as recommended by the doctor. It can be difficult to keep track, and therefore, our CogniCare app provides a medication tracking feature. The five tips below provide guidance on how to support the person with dementia in taking medication, and when to report issues if you are a professional caregiver.

1. Prompt

  • Remind of the day
  • Remind of the time
  • Encourage them to take their medication
  • Remind them of why they should take medication

2. Assist

  • Bring the medication to the person with dementia
  • Break the seals of packaging such as blister packs if necessary
  • Assist with creams following instructions on labels
  • Take lids off bottles

3. Record

  • Any changes or issues

4. Observe

  • Any changes that might be side effects
  • Any changes that might be adverse reactions

5. Report (for professional caregivers)

  • Any refused medication
  • Any missing medication
  • Any error
  • Inform medical team

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