Self-care box

May 23, 2018

Self-care box

Self-care box

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As in the previous part of our Self-Care for Carers series, we will continue to explore practices that support our overall well-being. A self-care box is a little treasure-chest for your mind and spirit.  It contains items that as per your own personal experience have the power to elevate or relax you. This box practically functions as a mental health first-aid kit, including all the essentials that you cultivate. The emphasis lies on these items holding personal meaning and value to you, and as with any self-care practice, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Assemble your own mental health self-care box and keep it close by – you never know when you might need that extra boost to help you cope or balance yourself. Collect things that bring calm or remind you of the positive things in your life. Try and put together a collection that indulges all your five senses: items that bring you joy when you see them, smell them, touch them, listen to them or taste them. The following are some inspirational ideas to go by when starting your own self-care box. The list is by no means exhaustive.

Uplifting things you may consider placing in your self-care box:

A collection of childhood pictures in a handy album

Old postcards or hand-written letters

Photos of places you loved visiting or you want to visit in the future

Printouts of inspirational quotes that you can reach for at any time

A picture representing the vision of your future dream home

Your favourite book of poetry

A semi-empty bottle of your favourite perfume

A scented candle that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside

An essential oil (or more) to relax you or make you energetic

Soft, silky, furry or velvety materials to caress

A stress ball or slime to play around with

Your favourite childhood candy to savour

A chewing gum with particular flavour that triggers bubbly memories

Some trail mix for a plant-based energy fix and to remind you of school trips

A beloved cassette or CD from a long-long time ago (and a device to play it with)

A mini music box with your favourite classic tune engraved

An audiobook that you could listen to a thousand times over and still enjoy it

You can put one, some or all of these ’pick-me up’ items together and keep them in a designated box, neatly decorated and stored away, for the more challenging days. You may find, however, that keeping all of them in a purse and having them with you in the trunk of your car is what makes you more comfortable. It is also possible, that you want to keep a couple of items at hand at all times in your bag. It is your self-care box – or self-care pack – making you the sole authority as to when, where and how you want to utilize the items in it. If the idea intrigues you, make sure you pop over to Pinterest and check out how others have compiled their personalised self-care boxes: it’s a great place to get inspired!

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