Self-care sanctuary

Jun 6, 2018

Self-care sanctuary

Self-care sanctuary

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The term ’safe space’ tends to be used with slightly varying meanings. In the context of our self-care series, it refers to a space where you feel most comfortable and safe from day-to-day stress; a space where you can relax and recharge.

How to make that space your self-care sanctuary?

Think about which area of your home you feel most relaxed in and then design that corner into the perfect place where you can unwind. If driving around aimlessly and listening to your favourite podcast is your idea of ultimate me-time, you could even designate your car to become your sanctuary.

Love spending your free time in the kitchen? Add a few high quality tools and gadgets to your trusty collection, and buy a couple of unique plates, mugs or glasses to bring you joy each time you use them. Place a loudspeaker or your old CD player in a corner where it’s not in the way of your creative pasta-making, then put on your favourite collection and turn up the volume while you’re prepping your delish dinner. Don’t forget the old-school candles and a glass of full-bodied red if you want to go all out to put the day behind you.

If your bathroom is the most relaxing spot…take pampering yourself to the next level. Draw a nice bath, but before you do all that, make sure you splurge a bit on gorgeous bath bombs, scented candles or a luxurious facemask. Good news is, you can make most of these at home too, just refer to Pinterest and similar websites filled with great DIY ideas. Don’t forget your ‘soundbath’ either! Pick your relaxing classical playlist or put on your choice of nature sounds from an app like Nature Melodies and voilà; your very own home spa is ready for your appointment, anytime.

When retreating to a quiet, cosy corner to unwind is your favourite, make sure you go all out and add everything you need to that space. Thrift a vintage basket or nightstand and place all the books and magazines that you’re currently reading in there. Find a suitable standing lamp, emitting light that is perfect for both reading and relaxation. Plant some green potted plants that you can place on top of the nightstand or on the floor to create the atmosphere for your very own oasis. You may want to include a pretty throw or two for chilly days, and a few soft pillows that you can pad your choice of chair with. How about adding a footstool, so you can put your feet up on a hard day’s night?

Yes, it is as simple as that. Welcome to your self-care sanctuary.

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