Our story

Why CogniHealth?

As neuroscientists we study the brain at many different levels to better understand diseases that cause dementia, such as Alzheimer’s. Many of us spend most of our time in labs, studying dementia at a cellular level, trying to disentangle protein dysfunction and disruptions in neural networks. Werealise that dementia is a global epidemic with over 50 million people having been diagnosed worldwide, but oftentimes we lack a true understanding of what it means to be diagnosed with a disease such as Alzheimer’s. We struggle to comprehend how the disease will change life on a day-to-day basis, not only for the person diagnosed with dementia,but also their loved ones.

In 2016 we met Fred Walker at a neuroscience conference in Edinburgh. Fred isn’t a neuroscientist, he is an engineer, and he was giving a talk about how he used his professional skills to come up with
innovative solutions to take care of his wife, Joan, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Fred’s focus was to give Joan the best quality of life possible. This inspired us to go and seek a solution that could improve the quality of life of all those affected by dementia.

We believe that we can use our scientific knowledge and the technologies available to us to develop tools that can transform how people with dementia and their caregivers experience living with dementia.

Our mission

To improve the quality of life of those living with dementia, and contribute to a better understanding
of dementia.

Improving quality of life

At CogniHealth we want to keep the person with dementia and their caregiver at the centre of everything we do. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of those living with dementia. To achieve this, we are creating easy-to-use, digital tools that enable personalised, integrated and empowering care. We believe that a holistic approach is key to tackle all aspects of life affected by dementia.

Our people

At CogniHealth, neuroscientists are working together with neurologists, software engineers, and business development specialists to create a tool that can enable the transformation of dementia care, truly bringing it to the 21st century. At the core of CogniHealth is the belief that only a deep understanding of dementia and its associated problems will allow us to create a tool that can genuinely help those affected by this debilitating condition.

Core Team

Pooja Jain


Pranav Chauhan


Giulia Melchiorre



"A unique team of Healthcare, IT, and Business Professionals."

Prof Craig Ritchie

Professor, Psychiatry of Ageing at University of Edinburgh

Tom McGuire

Business and Innovation Advisor

Ross McLennan

Enterprise Development Executive
Edinburgh Research & Innovation

Sunil Jain

Director, Software Engineering
Cisco Systems

Dr. Ninad Baste


Dr. Shiva Kumar


Awards and Recognitions