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How does it work? Just ask...

"Alexa, launch CogniCare "
"Welcome to CogniCare. Ask me a question about dementia or dementia care."
"Alexa, how does dementia affect sleep?"
"Dementia causes damage to the brain, which can have a negative effect on the normal sleep-wake cycle in people with dementia."

What questions can I ask?

Easily and quickly find the answers to your questions about dementia. Just ask.

What is dementia? What is Alzheimer’s disease? Tell me about Parkinson’s dementia. I would like to know what causes Dementia with Lewy Bodies. What causes mixed dementia? Tell me about the causes of Posterior Cortical Atrophy? Please tell me about Vascular dementia.

You can also ask questions about the different symptoms of dementia. You can ask what they are, what causes them, what you can do to help, what treatments are available, how to prevent them and how they impact daily life. You can also ask about how dementia may affect a certain aspect of life.
Symptoms you can ask about:

Aggression Delusions Depression Hallucinations Sleep Memory loss Inappropriate sexual behaviour Oral health Refusal or Resistive behaviour