Cognicare Features

Deliver Dementia care using a series of step-checks to ensure daily observations and symptoms are recorded. Subsequently, use the built-in report to make informed decisions throughout the course of treatment.

Caregivers at home

Taking care of someone with dementia is a demanding task, and there are many
different aspects that a caregiver needs to cover. CogniCare allows caregivers to
track the physical health of a person with dementia, including any behavioural
changes, as well as all tasks of daily living. Medications can be tracked using an
easy checklist-system. CogniCare then provides comprehensive summary reports
that can help your doctor understand the needs of the person with dementia better,
and tailor interventions to the need at hand.

Care agencies

Nurses and carers working for care agencies have a large caseload, and the same
patient may often be visited by several carers. CogniCare provides an easy, online
management system that allows caregivers to receive live updates on a patient’s